Roseline Deleu will be starting her Feng Shui ZOOM* Room very soon.

Please express your interest in joining her by sending her an email HERE.

A word about Payments

To encourage local businesses during this pandemic, I have opted to receive e-vouchers.

So, when you are ready to purchase some of my FENG SHUI items, please purchase an e-voucher online through this link to Bunnings* Warehouse* for the amount indicated on my product of your choice. For example, the FENG SHUI Acoustics CD is AUD$25 which includes P&H for Australia while it is AUD$30 for overseas, E-Books are AUD$20, a Psychic Guidance/Reading depends on the length of consultation you choose (see below), etc.

Then EMAIL me 🙂 . Looking forward to hearing from you!

Here is the link to the e-vouchers:

Bunnings* Gift Cards

Feng Shui Cures / Enhancers / Vitamins for your Decor!

I created several enhancers personalised to your needs, wishes or intents.Those cures act like vitamins in your home and in your life. Once on display, they activate the sectors of your life where you currently feel challenged.

Note: EMAIL Roseline explaining which part of your life you would like to improve so that she can email you the enhancer tailored to your needs. One enhancer per area you wish to improve.


Feng Shui e-Books

e-BOOK - "Your First Easy Steps to Feng Shui 4th Edition" by Roseline Deleu, 186 pages, A5 format, AUD$20

e-BOOK "Feng Shui Steps for your Career", Roseline Deleu & Jutta Clark, 179 pages, A5 format, AUD$20

e-BOOK "CARTOON GUIDE - Easy Feng Shui Steps", Roseline Deleu 62 pages, A4 format, AUD$20 AVAILABLE SOON - reprint in progress..

Psychic Readings with Roseline Deleu

...worldwide through Whatsapp*

Phone or Whatsapp, AUD$197

Feng Shui Consultation

Your home symbolises your life! Chi (energy) flows inside your home and affects in a positive or negative way the way your life currently unfolds. Blockages can be unravelled, some cures or 'vitamins' will be added so that your life takes on a new or better direction.

How can a Feng Shui consultation help you and what is your investment? Ask Roseline for your quote.

Enhance: Your career, life path, love, relationships, family, health, emotional health affected by past challenges, wealth, abundance, life balance, travels, helpers, friends, study, spirituality, fame, recognition and well-being.

Feng Shui Training

Are you interested in learning with me? We are only a flight away.

I offer a 5 day Feng Shui Practitioner course Level 1 wherever in the world you are. After some practice, you will then look into the next levels up.

Email me to receive "Journey with Your Master, Level 1 brochure".